Ash Forensics

Automotive Evaluations

Forensic engineering automotive evaluations include, but are not limited to, passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, 18-wheelers, and heavy equipment. Our experts have the education, training, and experience in automotive design, service, repair, and maintenance. Our courtroom-qualified experts have evaluated hundreds of failures, involving accidents, fires, and injuries from these failures.


Crash Data Vehicle Downloads

Crash data, also commonly referred to as the vehicle’s “black box” can be obtained by our

Electrical Evaluations

Electricity is a powerful and dangerous tool. Proper installation of electrical equipment is important to ensure that failures do not cause fires and people are not injured. We have training to determine code compliance with installations and can perform evaluations of various equipment to determine if an item was damaged by lightning, power surge, or if the failure was the result from something else.

Environmental Evaluations


Air Quality

We can determine the indoor air quality, identify the origin and cause of the loss, and present conclusions concisely in a written report.


Asbestos Identification

Asbestos inspections must be completed by a licensed inspector. Our inspectors can determine the presence of asbestos, the concentration, type of fiber, and help you determine if mitigation will be needed.


Lead Paint Detection

Lead paint is dangerous for everyone, but especially for children. If you suspect lead paint and needed to determine if it is present, our staff can assist.


Mold Testing

Our company has the staff and equipment who can inspect, collect samples for laboratory testing, analyze results, develop a remediation protocol, and provide contractor oversight.

Equipment Evaluations

Equipment failures occur because of a wide variety of reasons. If you need to determine what caused a mechanical failure on a piece of equipment, we can assist you.


Residential Failures

Our experts and engineers can also evaluate residential equipment, such as water heaters, heat pumps, air conditioners, dishwashers, and many other items to determine what caused them to fail. If you incurred a loss because of a failure, let us help determine the cause of that failure.

Fire Investigations


Fire Investigations

Building fires can occur from natural events, such as lightning, and other various reasons. Our experts have evaluated thousands of fires in buildings and discovered a wide variety of causes.


Chimney Evaluations

Our experts also have the ability to complete chimney inspections to determine if a chimney or any of its components need to be replaced or repaired.


Automotive and Equipment Fires

In addition to building fires, we also have experts who can determine the origin and cause of vehicle and equipment fires. Improper service or repairs can lead to a fire and our experts are trained on how to identify signs of failure from this.

Marine Evaluations

Our experts have experience in training in the design marine structures as well as ability to complete forensic evaluations to determine the cause of damage to structure. In addition to determining the damage to structures, we also can identify if a moving vessel has struck a stationary vessel – commonly called an “allision” event.

Structural Evaluations

Our structural field provides a wide variety of services offered. If you need to determine if there is wind, hail, hurricane, tornado or flood damage we can complete that. We can also identify construction or design defects, determine if there is a sudden and accidental loss event, or if it was just the failure to maintain a building or component of the building.