A premier consulting group for all your forensic needs.

Whether the loss is a vehicle, a home, a business, or an industrial complex, the experts at Ash Forensics are committed to conducting unbiased and accurate investigations nationwide.

Automotive Evaluations

Our courtroom-qualified experts have evaluated hundreds of failures, involving accidents, fires, and injuries from these failures.

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Electrical Evaluations

We can perform evaluations of various equipment to determine if an item was damaged by lightning, power surge, or if the failure was the result from something else.

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Environmental Evaluations

Harmful elements exist inside and outside of buildings. We provide fast and reliable services to determine of any mitigation is needed.

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Equipment Evaluations

Our evaluation of equipment includes all components, including the electrical system, hydraulics, oil, gas, and other components.

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Fire Investigations

We can assist in determining there the fire originated and what caused it, whether it be from negligence, arson, improper installation, or lack of maintenance.

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Marine Evaluations

Our experts have experience in training in the design marine structures as well as ability to complete forensic evaluations to determine the cause of damage to structure.

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Structural Evaluations

We can identify construction or design defects, determine if there is a sudden and accidental loss event, or if it was just the failure to maintain a building or component of the building.

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About Ash Forensics

Ash Forensics is a root cause analysis company that provides expert opinions on origin and cause of failures.